United Nations: Time to reflect, refocus, reinvigorate

September 23, 2011

Michael wrote this piece about a year ahead of Rio+20, the 2012 Summit on Sustainable Development. He argued that Rio should focus on three things: making sustainability relevant to all by focusing it on resource efficiency; accelerating the transition that is anyway happening in the energy sector; and figuring out realistic ways to unlock large climate finance at scale. He knew he was whistling into the wind, but hey, he enjoys writing.

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Towards a Green Climate Finance Framework

August 31, 2011

COP 16 in Cancun saw agreement on the creation of a Green Climate Fund to manage ‘a significant portion’ of the annual $100bn of funding committed to the developing world in Copenhagen. However, it did not clarify how such a fund might operate. In this white paper, I explain that the model which is emerging during subsequent negotiations will not work. I lay out my alternative proposal for an integrated Green Climate Finance Framework which could deliver the required $100bn per annum investment. Despite the fact that many negotiators read this paper, I was never invited to explain it in person.

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First They Ignore You…

May 7, 2011

I spend my life making presentations on the world’s shift from dirty, centralised insecure energy to a cleaner, more distributed and secure energy infrastructure, driven by the underlying economics and geopolitics. In this 3-minute video I try to tell the same story, but using only images and music. The question I wanted to raise is, if the shift is inevitable, should you spend your time and energy hanging on to the past or looking to the future?

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The Perils of Protectionism

October 7, 2010

A trade war may deliver a short-term boost to domestic companies, but the cleantech industry as a whole would suffer. A version of this piece appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek, 7 October 2010.

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Engadin Marathonistas – Intro

December 21, 2008

Each year, on the second Sunday in March, a 42km cross-country ski race rips through some of Switzerland’s most amazing scenery. For many years I lead a group of up to 60 people taking part, calling ourselves the Engadin Marathonistas, who raised over £100,000 for various charities.

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