WeCareSolar/Impact Alpha – The Power of Finance-Solar financing for Frontline Clinics

October 8, 2020

4:45 pm - 5:15 pm


We Care Solar and ImpactAlpha will be hosting a panel of international experts on renewable energy and finance. They will be discussing financing solutions to accelerate the electrification of public, frontline health facilities in LMIC and in particular, are interested in innovative solutions to finance such electrification projects at whole-country scale. They will also be discussing the structures and arrangements to allow a range of investors to participate in the clean energy transition for frontline health centres. In particular, they will be seeking to identify the mechanisms and sources of ‘catalytic capital’ that might be leveraged to make such financing arrangements work for investors, Ministries of Health (and/or Finance and Energy) as well as frontline clinics and their patients. Michael has been asked to talk about developing a market for health facility rural electrification.