Prosperity UK London Conference 2018: Keynote & Panelist

March 15, 2018

11:00 am - 1:00 pm


County Hall, Belvedere Rd

Michael has been invited to give a keynote address and introduction into a session entitled ‘Global Threats & UK Responses’ in London on Thursday, March 15th. He will also be taking part in a lunchtime panel discussion entitled  ‘Is a carbon zero future achievable?’ alongside Bruce Huber (Alexa Capital), Craig Sams (CarbonGold) and Mark Watts (C40). The conference will explore A Green Brexit. This invitation-only event will discuss the opportunities and challenges which leaving the European Union creates for sustainable farming and fishing in the UK, the conservation of our countryside and protection of our environment, the UK’s international role as an environmental champion and emerging opportunities in green technology and finance.