Moderator and Panel Discussion – WindEurope 2018 Conference at the Global Wind Summit

September 25, 2018

Messeplatz 1


The Global Wind Summit 2018 is where WindEurope will build on the wind industry’s global success. Now is the time for all stakeholders to gather and set the agenda for the future of wind energy worldwide. The event takes place 25-28 September 2018. Michael has been invited to participate in 2 sessions on Day 1 (25 Sept) of the conference: 11.30am – Panel Participant: Session ‘The role of wind in electrifying and decarbonising the wider economy’ – The world is moving from the era of fossil fuel- based energy towards an increasingly decarbonised energy supply. Europe is uniquely positioned to provide a blueprint for the rest of the world in this field. Renewables already make up 30% of the power produced in Europe – but the complete decarbonisation of Europe’s energy system will only be possible if we fully exploit the potential of renewables beyond the power sector we know today. Pushing these boundaries means accelerating the renewables-based electrification of three sectors: transport, heating & cooling, and industrial processes. Electrification and sector-coupling have the potential to drive energy efficiency and decarbonisation economy-wide while making a renewables-based energy system more flexible and resilient. In this session, WindEurope will present a report featuring scenarios for the electrification of transport, heating & cooling, and energy-intensive industrial processes, showing possible paths to achieve the decarbonisation objectives set by the European Union for 2050. 3.30pm Moderator: All-Female Panel Discussion ‘Longer term perspectives for wind in Europe’ – This session will look at the longer term perspectives for wind in Europe.