How To Academy: Keynote Speaker

November 28, 2019

11:00 am - 12:00 pm


The Royal Geographical Society


How To Academy’s flagship conference, bringing together the individuals making our collective future – from social innovators to rocket scientists, genetic engineers to green energy experts.

  Curated in partnership with The New York Times, How to Change the World 2019 offers unrivalled insight into the innovations changing our lives, communicated through short, powerful, visionary talks by the individuals at the cutting edge of their industries.   It’s your passport to understanding tomorrow’s world – with all its jeopardy and promise. How are Artificial Intelligence and genetic engineering set to transform healthcare? How will rewilding, the clean energy revolution, and advances in ecological and material science help us fight the climate crisis? What new political ideas and social innovations offer the best solution to the perils of global poverty, and of populism? Our guests will answer all these questions – and many more.   Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the ideas set to shape the twenty-first century as Michael takes to the stage on one of his final engagements of 2019, alongside a number of other world-renowned game-changers.   Click here for the How To Change The World 2019 Programme