House of Commons: Science and Technology Committee evidence session – The role of hydrogen in achieving Net Zero

March 3, 2021

10:15 am - 11:15 am



A key component of the Government's recently announced Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution is 'Driving the Growth of Low Carbon Hydrogen'. The plan outlined a range of measures to support the development and adoption of hydrogen, including a £240 million 'Net Zero Hydrogen Fund'. Noting this, and the further £81 million allocated for hydrogen heating trials in the 2020 Spending Review, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is today launching a new inquiry into the role of hydrogen in achieving Net Zero. Following recommendations from the Committee on Climate Change that the Government develop a strategy for hydrogen use and should aim for largescale hydrogen trials to begin in the early 2020s, the Committee seeks to ensure that the Government's intended plan will be suitable and effective. The Committee will also assess the infrastructure required for hydrogen as a Net Zero fuel, and examine progress made so far internationally to determine the viability of hydrogen as a significant contributor to achieving Net Zero.

A copy of the transcript can be accessed here
A video of the session can be accessed here

Michael will be giving evidence alongside the following:

    • Professor David Cebon (Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Cambridge)
    • Professor Nilay Shah (Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London)
    • Dr Jenifer Baxter (Chief Engineer at Institution of Mechanical Engineers)
    • Baroness Brown of Cambridge (Chair at Carbon Trust, and Former Vice Chair at Climate Change Committee)