Energy Disruptors 2018 – Day 1 Opening Keynote Address & Presentation and Day 2 Panel Discussion

May 15, 2018

Calgary AB

1898 Macleod Trail SW

New on the conference scene, Energy Disruptors is a profit-for-purpose organisation with a bold ambition; to accelerate pragmatic and profitable solutions to the world’s biggest energy challenges by igniting a global movement of game-changing energy technologies. A time of exponential transformation is a time ripe with possibilities. Where sustainable energy and economic growth are complementary.

The organisers believe leveraging the convergence of exponential technologies will advance us along the path to solving global air pollution, meeting the increasing demand for energy and eliminating energy poverty.  It will shift humanity into the age of abundance.

On May 15th (8.30am-9.20am) Michael has been invited to open the conference with one of his thought-provoking keynote presentations. On May 16th Michael will participate on a Panel Discussion entitled 'Advanced Nuclear' (1.35pm-2pm). Other speakers headlining the event include Sir Richard Branson and 'Quiet' Author, Susan Cain.