Job Vacancy – Analyst


Michael Liebreich is a leading commentator, philanthropist, investor and advisor on net zero. He is the founder of BloombergNEF, where he is still a senior contributor, as well as being managing partner of EcoPragma Capital LLP, chair of Zeelo, co-founder of PragmaCharge, host of Cleaning Up, and author of the Thoughts of Chairman Michael (via Substack).

Employment will be through Liebreich Associates, the entity that supports all of Michael’s activities – which has a small full-time staff and shares an office with EcoPragma Capital and PragmaCharge.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Preparing presentations: Each year, Michael gives up to 30 presentations, including board-level briefings, keynotes at industry and policy events, all the way up to set-piece openers at major conferences. Each presentation requires the preparation of one of Michael’s signature slide decks, combining images and data-based charts into a powerful narrative for his audiences. The analyst will sit in on all preparation calls between Michael and clients, then discuss the presentation storyline with him, create a draft presentation and undertake any new analyses required.
  • Updating data and analysis: Michael uses some of his charts repeatedly over the years. As data providers release updated figures, these charts must be updated in a timely and accurate way. In some cases, this involves updating models created by previous analysts. This is an essential part of the role and will quickly give the successful candidate an unparalleled mastery of the key statistics driving the world of clean energy, transportation, climate finance and development.
  • New research and analysis: Several times per year Michael writes major thought pieces for BloombergNEF or other outlets. The goal in each case is to provide new and original insights, challenge assumptions and set the net zero transition’s agenda. This work throws out a regular stream of challenging questions, requiring lateral thinking and creative sourcing of data. It frequently results in the production of new charts for Michael’s presentations and much work goes into optimising the visual display of conclusions.
  • Liaising with data providers: One of Michael’s key roles is to interpret, combine and communicate analysis undertaken by leading industry players. The analyst will liaise with outside organisations, clarifying assumptions, obtaining data for chart production and securing permission for use of materials. In the case of BloombergNEF, this will require learning to use the Bloomberg Terminal and BloombergNEF desktop, as well as getting to know a few of their key analysts.
  • Media production: Michael has created a podcast and YouTube channel called “Cleaning Up”, in which he and Baroness Bryony Worthington discuss climate action with prominent guests. The analyst will help produce Cleaning Up, joining the guest briefings, setting up recording sessions and overseeing editing, promotion and audience analysis. The analyst will also help maintain and promote the Thoughts of Chairman Michael Substack and administer Michael’s regular email newsletters.
  • Special projects: There may be opportunities for the analyst to work with the team at EcoPragma Capital LLP, providing research support on financial transactions or helping to deliver advisory projects.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Integrity and work-rate: Integrity – personal and intellectual – is non-negotiable. Work-rate matters because, while there may be weeks when nothing much happens, there will also be weeks when large volumes of work have to be delivered quickly and accurately. Michael is very committed to respecting holidays and days off, but occasional planned evening and/or weekend work may be required.
  • Exceptional quantitative skills: The job requires complete fluency with numbers and attention to detail. The analyst is expected to catch Michael’s mistakes, not the other way round. The successful candidate will be comfortable with spreadsheet modelling and creating visuals based on data, and may have experience in more advanced modelling or statistical analysis platforms.
  • Qualifications: The successful applicant will almost certainly have a degree in a STEM subject, and most likely a Masters degree in a physical science, environment, business or economics. Michael has in the past found it easier to teach finance and policy to scientists, rather than teach science to economists or politics graduates.
  • Languages: Native-level English is a must. Beyond that, fluency in one or more foreign languages would be a benefit. German would be particularly helpful, as would French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or Portuguese. If you have a STEM degree and speak all these languages, you can be the boss and Michael will happily work for you.
  • Previous work experience: Ideally, you will have two or more years of experience in an analytically rigorous environment like a consultancy, bank, or blue-chip company. We don’t have time to teach anyone how to produce accurate, high-profile output under pressure, although we will always prefer a candidate who is less experienced but razor sharp over a candidate who is more experienced but slower or less clear in their thinking.
  • Motivation: The successful applicant must be a self-starter. This is not a role for someone who needs hourly or even daily guidance. There will be regular contact with Michael, but there may be periods of weeks when face to face meetings are not possible.

Salary and Terms

  • Salary: The role will carry a competitive salary – comparable to an analyst role at a reputable energy or environmental consultancy – plus holiday entitlement, a discretionary bonus, and statutory contributions to a pension scheme. It is probably worth noting that a candidate with an MBA may not find the salary attractive.
  • Training: There will be no formal training on energy, transport, climate, economics, etc, but you will be learning a huge amount from working alongside Michael. If required, training will be available on technical aspects of the role, such as accountancy, audio and video editing.
  • Location and travel: The role will be based in the London office, near Victoria Station. It may involve travel to conferences at which Michael is speaking, or for client work. A certain amount of remote working may be acceptable.
  • Inclusion: We are 100% committed to being an equal opportunity employer. We are particularly keen to receive applications from diverse and minority candidates.
  • Term: The appointment will be for a fixed term of two years, including a three-month probationary period and a rolling 1-month notice period. After two years, the expectation is that you should want to move on to a new role, either within Liebreich Associates, EcoPragma Capital, one of Michael’s other enterprises or elsewhere.
  • Visa status: You must have the legal right to work in the UK​. Please do not apply if you do not already hold a valid working visa. This is non-negotiable.

The recruitment process will be as follows:

  • The process will be managed by Jo Jagger, Michael’s executive assistant and Liebreich Associates’s business manager.
  • Please send a resume and short cover note detailing your reason for applying (no more than 300 words) to as soon as possible.
  • Michael will conduct final interviews and, following his selection of the successful candidate, we will require two professional and one personal reference.
  • The Deadline for applications is Monday 11th March 2024. The new analyst should expect to assume the role by mid-April 2024.

5 Questions to consider before applying

  1. Have you got a first degree in a STEM subject? (Required)
  2. Have you got a Masters or higher degree in a relevant subject? (Preferred)
  3. Have you got at least 18 months internship or relevant work experience? (Required)
  4. Have you got a valid working visa for the UK? (Required)
  5. Can you provide evidence of an existing interest in accelerating climate solutions? (Required)
We look forward to hearing from you!