Media Associate (Part-Time)


In May 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown, Liebreich Associates launched a video and podcast interview series called ‘Cleaning Up’, distributed via YouTube and all major podcast platforms.

Each week, Michael Liebreich interviews a leading figure in clean energy, transportation, climate finance or sustainable development. Early guests have included Christiana Figueres (former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change), Bertrand Piccard (co-pilot of the first around-the-world balloon and electric plane flights), Rachel Kyte (former climate supremo at the World Bank, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All, now Dean of The Fletcher School at Tufts University) and Cameron Hepburn (Director of the Smith School of Enterprise and Sustainability at Oxford University).

Liebreich Associates is now looking for a part-time Media Associate to promote the show and associated content across all social media channels. This is a unique opportunity for an early-career, environmentally-aware media leader to help create a significant brand. You will have extraordinary exposure to some of the most prominent figures in the low-carbon transition.

Role and Responsibilities

The Media Associate will have experience in and be responsible for the following:

  • Managing Cleaning Up social media accounts across all platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc);
  • Informing viewers of upcoming, current and past episodes;
  • Editing compelling short-form videos for promotion via all platforms;
  • Building subscriber numbers;
  • Gathering, analysing and presenting audience figures;
  • Developing and extending the Cleaning Up brand (beyond #EnergyTwitter);
  • Creating content distribution partnerships with other platforms;
  • Exploring the commercial potential of the Cleaning Up brand and content.

Qualifications and experience

The successful candidate must offer the following qualifications and experience:

  • Integrity, work rate and accuracy: These are non-negotiable. Integrity must encompass personal and intellectual integrity; work rate, because even talented people have to work hard; accuracy, because we will expect you to catch the vast majority of your mistakes yourself.
  • Marketing: You will need to be very familiar with all the major social media platforms and how they can be used to build a substantial audience quickly.
  • Editing: The Media Associate will be expected to be adept at media editing and have access to appropriate software. We are not talking about Hollywood special effects, but the role will involve a large volume of quick and competent audio and video processing.
  • Sustainability: You will have excellent general knowledge about the environment and climate change, as well as a strong grasp of the role of energy and transportation in the economy. A hard-core believer in degrowth is unlikely to flourish in the role.
  • Quantitative Skills: You will be sufficiently comfortable with spreadsheets to set up a system to track and analyse trends in audience figures.
  • Qualifications: You will most likely have a media or marketing qualification and perhaps one in sustainability or similar. He, she or they will certainly have demonstrable experience developing online content and audiences, and a deep interest in climate and sustainability. Qualification in business, finance, engineering or hard science would be a big plus.
  • Languages: Native-level written English is a must to do the job. Beyond that, there is no formal language requirement though fluency in foreign languages and knowledge of international cultures would be a benefit, since the topics covered by Cleaning Up are of global interest.
  • Previous Work Experience: In an ideal world, you will have a few years of formal work experience in a media environment. Having said that, we will prefer a candidate who is less experienced but smarter and more creative over a candidate who is more experienced but slower and lazier.
  • Motivation: The successful applicant must be proven self-starter and able to work solo and remotely. This is not a good role for someone who needs hourly or even daily guidance.

Salary, location, terms, etc

  • Remuneration: The role will pay a competitive rate for an early-career media studies graduate. To save everyone time, it is worth pointing out that a candidate with a decade or more of relevant experience is unlikely to find the package attractive.
  • Terms: This is not a full-time position – it does not carry pension or other employment benefits. You will work on a contractor basis and be responsible for your own tax and national insurance, etc.
  • Hours: The role is for a total of 16 hours spread throughout the week. Cleaning Up is often filmed in the evening, and the Associate will generally be expected to be present (virtually). We are very committed to respecting holidays and days off, but regular, modest hours of weekend work will be required.
  • Training: We do not provide any formal training as part of the role – you will be learning a huge amount from working alongside Michael, the Cleaning Up guests and the Liebreich Associates team. We will consider requests for any training courses that you think might benefit you, however peripherally, in fulfilling the role requirements.
  • Inclusion: We are 100% committed to being an equal opportunity company. The only thing that matters is your character and your ability to excel in the role. We would very much welcome LBGTQ, disabled, neurodiverse, BAME candidacies. We are also happy to look at candidates studying or working part-time, returning from maternity or paternity leave, travelling around the world by canoe, changing career paths or other non-traditional applicants.
  • Term: The role is for an initial period through to the end of 2020, with a rolling two-week notice period either way, but might well be extended beyond that, subject to performance and the success of Cleaning Up.
  • Location. We expect the role to be almost exclusively remote. We would prefer a candidate that can get to London occasionally, but will consider candidates who cannot do so.
  • Reporting: You will be managed day-to-day by Jo Jagger, Michael Liebreich’s Executive Assistant, and Michal Grabka, Acting Producer of Cleaning Up.
  • Visa status: You must have a working visa for the location from where you will be working.

Process and timing

The recruitment process for the Media Associate will be as follows:

  • Please send a resume and short cover note (no more than 300 words) to by 30 September 2020.
  • Michal Grabka, Acting Producer of Cleaning Up, will undertake an initial screening of resumes. Please note – with our apologies – that only candidates that pass this stage will be given personal feedback.
  • We may give you a short video editing exercise to check your skills. Please forgive us if we do, speed and accuracy of work are going to be very important.
  • Michael will conduct final interviews; following his selection of the successful candidate, we will require two references – one personal, one professional
  • The starting date will be as soon as possible after appointment.

Good luck with your application!