Medium: The Revolution Will Not Be Fossilized

It’s that time of year again, when I pour myself a single malt and pull on my creative writing boots. For my 2019 New Year piece I was inspired by Gil Scott-Heron, of “The Future Will Not Be Televised” fame. If you’re not familiar with it, probably best listen to him reading it first.

Blogging Davos 2012

For five frantic days at the end of January the jeweled ski resort of Davos transforms itself into a fantasy concption of the centre of world influence. A five-year Davos veteran, this year I transformed myself into Davos Man, or rather Davos Blogger. I have tried to give some idea of what it’s actually like to attend: the rigid pecking order, the circles within circles, the transport chaos, the missing constituencies, the Occupy WEF movement, the Ukrainian presidential bodyguard who tried to manhandle me out of the toilets. Only problem is, it took so damn long to write each night that I didn’t go to a single party. So not that realistic after all…